Traveling Song

concert band (Grade 1)

2 flutes, oboe (doubles flute), 3 clarinets in Bb, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, horn in F, 3 trumpets in Bb, 2 trombones, euphonium, tuba, 4 percussion*

1: vibraphone, tubular bells
2: maracas or shaker, crash cymbal
3: snare drum
4: suspended cymbal, tambourine

4′ 00″

Written for the Washingtonville School Concert Band.

The following Traveling Song for concert band echoes lilting melodies one might hum while wandering through the woods. It opens with flutes and clarinets gently pondering motives, accompanied by a slow but steady march in the percussion. As trumpets and horns join, the melody leads to a quick climax and starts in again from the beginning – this time with a hemiola of 2 against the melody’s 3. As the “song” builds intensity, each instrument adds to the melody, shifting its character and progressing to a final climax of several melodies and countermelodies.