KC Blue

harp duo

5′ 00″

Commissioned by Lilac 94 Harp Duo, Duo Scorpio, and Duo Nouveau.

Premiered Jun 23, 2015, by Lilac 94 Harp Duo at the 2015 American Harp Society Institute.

Kansas city is one of many bustling metropolises of the American Midwest. Over 150 years old at the time of this commission, KC has a long history of industry, arts, and culture. As the birthplace of Charlie Parker and Count Basie (among many other artists) KC counts jazz among its chief exports. The local music federation houses the longest lasting weekly jam session in the United States. KC Blue pays homage to this history with wafting riffs and faint melodies as though heard from open windows downtown on a hot summer night. These sweet, syncopated rhythms float through the alleys and parkways on any given evening and will continue for years to come. Many thanks to Christina Brier and Kathryn Sloat for their efforts in assembling the project resulting in this and other new duos celebrating the American Midwest.