Little One


soprano and piano

3′ 30″

Sophie Ross

Written for the Kansas City Lyric Opera.

Premiered July 18, 2015, by LaTeesha Jackson.

O little one,
I wish I could talk to myself.
Tell myself of everything that would happen.
Warn myself of past regrets and future frets.
O little one.

But I can talk to you, little one.
I can save you from this world.
I can grab your hand and take you away.
Keep you perfect and pure.

I can stop you from reaching out
and burning yourself on the hot hands of hatred.
I can stop you from breaking your heard
because at one time you were happy,
O little one.

But I cannot.

So listen, my dearest darling,
because you are far too smart
to be the only thing standing in your way.
O little one.